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Eric knew that his fate was sealed.

The general wasn’t the type that would forgive and FRH was designed to be impenetrable from outside. His only hope for escape was from within. He looked at the faces of the people that had be given the task of interrogating him and he was sure that they were skilled in getting information at all costs.

OJ – Season III Episode 4

Eric knew that even if he told the general who the leader was and how they operated, he would still be killed. He however knew that if he took the secret to the grave with him, his family would be compensated for life. He weighed his options and decided to carry the identity of the general to the grave. His only fear was if he could withstand the torture of the interrogators.

Three men were in the torture chamber with Eric. One didn’t say a word all through. He had a small scar just above his left eye and he wobbled slightly on his left leg. The other two were talking and yelling at Eric but the third just sharpened his knife.

“Who is the Leader and where can we find him?” they asked

The man who had been quiet, used the knife to tear Eric’s shirt.

There was something about the man that scared him far more than the other two men.

They poured water on him then dipped his head into a bucket of water.

Eric was drowning but they didn’t care. He was gasping for breath, he was looking at the face of death. He was urinating in his pant but just before death came, they pulled his head out of the bucket.

He eyes were red, he struggled to get air into his lungs.

“Who is the Leader and where can we find him?” they yelled

The third man that had been quiet turned to Eric and drilled his knife through his palm.

Eric cried like a baby.

He punched him several times on the face, he didn’t stop at the sight of blood he just kept punching.

Eric was about to break but he didn’t tell them what they wanted to know.

The three men decided they wanted to increase the torture. They decided they would electrocute him until he gave them the information they needed.

As they stepped out to get the machine they would use, the guard that had been standing by the door ran to Eric and showed his a capsule then whispered,

“Eric, here’s a gift from the leader”

You Are Reading: OJ – Season III Episode 4

Eric was unaware that the leader had a spy in the torture chamber. He was glad that he didn’t give them the information they wanted. He looked at the capsule in the man’s hand and understood that it was a first class ticket to the grave.

He opened his mouth and the man put it inside then ran back to his duty post.

The capsule acted very quickly, by the time the interrogators returned, Eric had crossed over to the other side.



14 Adekunle Ogunyankin Str,

Bank Anthony Way

Lagos, Nigeria

OJ, Aisha and Portable arrived the guest house and were greeted by the gatekeeper.

His smile was very reassuring, he didn’t even ask who they were. They had initially contemplated how they would identify themselves especially since they didn’t have any form of identification but the gate keeper made it very easy for them.

“Good evening sir” the gatekeeper began

“You must be Aisha and you must be Opeyemi. My name is Mohammed and I am the head of security of this facility. I am at your service round the clock”

They re-echoed his title, “head of security”

Mohammed led them from the gate to the inside of the facility.

They were astonished by the beauty of the place. The general had spared no expense, the guest house was a mansion with a swimming pool, a basketball court and a garden.

When they settled into the living room, Portable was the first to observe that the fridge was fully stocked with edibles. Aisha grabbed OJ tightly by the hand and whispered, “I like this place”

OJ smiled but deep down he knew there had to be a catch to the general’s show of kindness.

Mohammed showed them the rooms and then left them to pick rooms. It was getting late so they decided to retire to their rooms.

You Are Reading: OJ – Season III Episode 4

OJ and Aisha stayed in what looked like the master bedroom. The door opened into the swimming pool area and the window opened to the garden.

Aisha was the first to take a shower.

OJ sat patiently waiting for her to finish. He was watching a movie but his mind was in the shower with Aisha.

“Kay would you like to join me in the shower” Aisha called out blushingly

OJ had an immediate erection.

“I’m coming” he responded without thinking.

As he stood up, he tried to use his tight to hide his rod from plain sight.

“Guy, you better not embarrass me. Go down!” he was talking to himself

He opened the door of the bathroom and Aisha was waiting.

He breasts, her beautiful round breasts.

OJ came close to her and held her in an embrace, the kissing started and the fireworks began.

He didn’t realised there was that amount of passion inside of him.

The foreplay was long and intense.

He gently stroked her breasts and caressed her buttock.

She was wet, and it wasn’t because of the water from the shower.

The foreplay continued and OJ went inside of her.

Aisha felt so safe in his arms, she could hear his heart beat faster as he drilled further into her cave. Her eyes were closed as he hit her chi spot.

It felt like the first time for both of them, it was like a child speaking his first words. OJ was inside, unprotected without a worry on his mind. They went from the shower to the bed and the pounding continued.

OJ and Aisha were making up for all the times they were apart. In the morning they could worry about who to trust, but that night was made for passionate sex.


You Have Been Reading: OJ – Season III Episode 4

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