Olajumoke Orisaguna in great dilemma after her manager, Victoria Nkong duped her of millions


Olajumoke Orisaguna’s story and journey to stardom surprised many who read about it a few years ago.

A bread-seller turned a super celebrated model raking in several endorsement deals worth millions of naira. Olajumoke met a destiny helper in the person of popular celebrity photography, TY Bello who turned her from a hawker to a supermodel.

Fast forward few years down, Olajumoke Orisaguna is alleged to be working tooth and nail to get a new accommodation before the expiration of her house rent sponsored by Bamidele Sijibomi of the Sujimoto three years ago.

Remember that Sujimoto had paid a 5-year-rent on the 3-bedroom apartment occupied by Olajumoke, her live-in-lover and two daughters shortly after her emotional story broke.

The five year period will elapse by February 2020, the rent would have been four years and we gathered reliably that the young lady is worried about how to sustain the fairly posh life she’d lived in the luxury apartment.

The popularity with which she got a few brand endorsements had waned. Things even got worse when she realized that her publicist and manager, Victoria Nkong, had allegedly been ripping her off, taking advantage of her naivety to shortchange her. Nkong had allegedly led Olajumoke to ink an online deal that was worth N2m and only gave her a paltry N150,000.

Olajumoke’s lack of formal education coupled with the fact that she’d fallen out with Azuka Ogujiuba who was the first to manage her was a major setback. She couldn’t return to Azuka and had no idea how to get someone else to replace Nkong.

As you read this, she has finally called it quit with Nkong. Jumoke is now plotting the new phase of her survival ahead of 2020.

Earlier in the year, her man, Sunday Orisaguna, had granted an interview where he alleged that Olajumoke has become rude and arrogant towards him because she now has more means and has become famous.

Pained and disappointed by her man’s allegation, Olajumoke sent the man packing from the house. Reliable sources insist that he called Sujimoto to intervene but couldn’t get the man’s attention. As you read this, they now leave apart and Sunday has become an Uber driver with a leased car.

Now saddled with the responsibility of a man, as she’s now separated from her man, parted ways with her managers, not a single endorsement for months and those she has may not be willing to renew her contract, once famous bread seller turned model, Olajumoke Orisaguna is in great dilemma. We hope our dear model will not go back to hawking bread once again! Talk about investing when the sun is shinning!


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