Former presidential aide on new media, Reno Omokri, has lashed out at the APC led administration and has described the Buhari government as ‘pathetic’.

In a statement via his social media account, Reno Omokri wondered why the current administration usually condemned and demonized those who criticized its actions, programs, and policies.

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He also listed names of those the Buhari government had ‘attacked’ in recent times because of their position on the economy, security, and other issues.

He wrote: “President Jonathan’s administration has the enviable record of advancing Nigeria’s anti-corruption war and delivered results to the point where we made our best ever improvement in Transparency International’s CPI in 2014 when we moved 8 places forward from 144 to 136.

“Can this government say the same. How many people will they demonize?

“Bill Gates spoke, and they said he is a dropout. TY Danjuma has spoken, they have labeled him an anarchist.

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“President Obasanjo spoke and they say he has Messiah complex. President Babangida spoke, they arrested his spokesman.

“Bishop Kukah spoke, they told him to shut up. Nigerians spoke, they threatened us with death for hate speech!

“There is nobody involved in imposing Buhari on Nigeria that is not secretly or openly regretting it. Even his own wife, Aisha, is full of regrets and has not hidden it.

“Some may not regret openly, but when they are alone with their conscience it is regret all the way!”



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