Hmmmmmmn. Me I have been trying to stay above the fray in this Toke Makinwa/Maje Ayida matter, especially as we haven’t exactly heard authoritatively from the horses’ mouth. Bhet, out of curiosity I decided to go do amebo on Twitter and Instagram today, to see for myself what the buhaha was about; especially when I noticed their names were trending on Twitter. Hian, Nigerians sha! Women especially… We can like to do #solidarity! See how people have pressed “P” on top the matter…with or without the full jist. It is well o.
Meanwhile the supposed victim, seems to be going on with her life…whether she’s pretending or not, she sha is not confirming or denying anything. So the story is pretty much left to anybody’s imagination… As far as your mind can take it…..


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