Opral Benson advises women to quit bleaching


Liberia’s Honourary Consul

Famous beautician, Liberia’s Honourary Consul to Nigeria and the Yeye Oge of Lagos, Dr Opral Benson, during an interview on Friday advised women to dress decently and maintain their natural complexions instead of bleaching or whitening their skins.

The octogenarian, who also owns the Opral Benson Beauty Training Institute, Lagos, urged men to admonish women to stop bleaching because according to her, women do it to please them. “I think, you should complain and say you don’t want to see their flesh and once they know that you don’t want to see their flesh, they might not show their flesh you never know… But I think… they are following international standards, you haven’t complained enough because if you do, the women want to do what they think you will like them to do.”

She also said:“I don’t approve of skin whitening because we have white people and we have black people. So, those of us who are black should continue to be black and those who are in-between, it must be for a reason you are in-between; maybe your parents were in-between or whatever.But I don’t agree with whitening your skin, I have a beauty school and we do not insist or agree or teach that people should do whitening of their skin. I mean, why, what for? A white person I don’t think is any different from a non-white person.’’


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