The Founder and Presiding Bishop of the Living Faith Church aka Winners’ Chapel, Bishop David Oyedepo, has rained curses on those troubling Nigeria and Nigerians.

Nigeria will not break up- Bishop Oyedepo

Oyedepo, while delivering a sermon at the church’s Canaanland ground in Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria, pronounced ‘tribulation’ on those responsible for dragging Nigeria backward.

While decrying the state of the nation, Oyedepo said ‘Nigeria is gone’ and only surviving on prayers from the Church of Christ.

Reacting to the postponed election, Oyedepo said: “How long do we keep going on and off, forward and backwards in this country. Ordinary election we cannot manage in Nigeria.

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“A country where you take one step forward and 20 steps backwards, a country where they kill people for sacrifice so they can win the election.

“Minus the Church of Christ praying Nigeria is gone, therefore any gang up against the settlement of Nigeria is destroyed.

“Anyone that would not let Nigeria go forward will go down for Nigeria, any agent of the devil to bring Nigeria under siege is broken.”

He added: “Nigeria is long overdue for settlement, On this day, I declare Nigeria must be supernaturally settled. You can’t tell how many people travelled to go and vote, how many had accidents due to this mistake.

“Is Nigeria not long overdue for settlement, may God recompense tribulation for those that trouble Nigerians.

“All the troublers of this nation, I evoke tribulation on your life, all those that would not let this nation go forward shall go down for this nation

“But by all means, God will give peace to Nigeria, by whatever means let this nation not see war.

“Lord, let your vengeance answer for the rescue of our nation today. Amen.”

Watch video below:

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  1. This so-called bishop Oyedepo, you are among the people causing Nigeria and Nigerians not to progress. Your prayer has been answered, so shall it be. You are part of the people that cause Nigerians to be suffered. You are among the people that aiding and abetting corrupt and treasury looters (politicians). I now know that GOD is at work to free Nigerians, that is why the SPIRI of GOD is now making you to curse yourself and your groups. Amen, so it shall be (MO IT BE)


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