Parenting: 10 tips to shuffle fitness and motherhood


Amidst the physical and mental exhaustion of looking after a baby, scheduling personal exercise ‘appointments’ is a great way for moms to prioritise some essential self-care and ‘me time’. Taking a break for physical activity also gets the endorphins flowing and as we all know a happy mom equals a happy family!

10 top tips to help moms manage the juggle

Having a baby and growing a family is not only special, it’s important work, too. However, with a small child and untold other responsibilities, it’s often a challenge for moms to simultaneously prioritise their own health and fitness objectives.

Johno Meintjes, founder of JEFF has put together these 10 tips for new moms:

  1. Be patient with yourself. Having a baby is a big deal. Expect everything to be different and be kind to yourself.
  2. It takes a village. Parenting is hard work. Create some space and avoid burnout by asking friends and family to occasionally step into the breach.
  3. Have a plan. Moms have enough on their mind. Allow JEFF to take care of meal preparation and an exercise planto bring structure in your busy mom life.
  4. Eat fresh and green!
  5. Happy mom, happy family. Self-care isn’t selfish, so make it a priority.
  6. If getting to the gym isn’t an option, base a workout around the kid/s. Sprints in the park, jumping jacks in the lounge, pram jogs… just get moving!
  7. Hydrate! This will help with cleansing toxins from your body, boosting your metabolism, and reducing bloat.
  8. Get the good stuff. Taking a break for physical activity gets the endorphins flowing. Remember, happy mom, equals happy family!
  9. Plan active mom dates. Instead of meeting the other moms for cake and tea, make an active meetup plan instead.
  10. Shop healthy food online to save time and avoid sugary temptations.



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