Parenting: Care kit every new mom should have!

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Your body is recovering from one of the most traumatic physical experiences in life. Even if you had a picture-perfect delivery, your body will still be dealing with the fact that it squeezed something the size of a watermelon out.

Here are six must-have postpartum products every new mom needs to recover from delivery:

  1. Maxi pads 
    After enjoying a nine-month break, you’ll need feminine hygiene pad protection to wear until the postpartum bleeding period is finished. You can expect to bleed for several weeks after delivery (even if you have a C-section). So have an ample supply of maxi pads on hand.
  2. Medicated pads
    These are great to line (place the medicated pad on top) your big thick pads with when you’re feeling pain or you are suffering from haemorrhoids postpartum.
  3. Ring cushion
    If you had bad tearing and stitches from vaginal birth and/or haemorrhoids, this will help you sit without pain in the days or weeks after delivery.
  4. Stool softener 
    Take a pill or two to help prevent dry and hard stools. This will help with constipation and make passing stool easier and more comfortable. Please check with your midwife/doctor as to what medication they suggest.
  5. Preparation H wipes and cream
    Going to the toilet can be a painful experience after delivery but medicated wipes or cream will make the experience less painful.
  6. Coarse salt
    Add coarse salt to your sitz bath (a shallow bath of about 10 centimetres of water) and soak your bum in it. This soothes sore perineal muscles, reduces swelling and helps ease the discomfort of haemorrhoids.



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