Parents: 4 ways to survive the coronavirus school holidays


Around this time, what we usually do is surf the internet to find out what fun events are being held during the Easter holidays. But, since everything from egg hunts to movies is indefinitely postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic, it’s time to be resourceful.

Here’s how to spend time with your kids at home without going mad. Good luck and stay safe!

Virtually learning

One of the most striking features of the virus scare is how many companies have stepped forward to provide assistance in various forms. Scholastic is one of these, having created a free learning website to keep kids engaged. Take advantage of that.

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The next time you venture out for groceries, that’s if your state isn’t on lockdown, make sure you stock up on craft supplies: scrapbooking materials, glue, scissors, ribbons, sequins, crayons, paint – in fact, anything that you can colour and create with. There are literally hundreds of websites offering free printouts and craft patterns – or, if your little one is more laboratory-minded, science experiments may be the order of the day.

But what about work?

For those of us fortunate enough to be able to work from home, there are still deadlines to be met – not easy when you have little people who don’t understand why they can’t have your undivided attention. Make it easier by scheduling work while they sleep, or setting up a desk for them next to yours. Stock it with stationery and give them a task so that they can feel they are being just as productive as you are. It may also help to schedule work into chunks of time so that you can take a break with them after completing a task.

Schedule, schedule, schedule

Kids crave continuity. For many, it’s not just the tedium of being housebound or the fact that they can’t see friends, that poses a challenge – it’s the lack of routine. Help them out by creating a timetable that they can follow just as they would at school, with time for exercise, outdoor play and reading.



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