Nigerians and speculation ehn! Look how some of us bought that story hook, line, and sinker.. Kai!

Contrary to news making the rounds that popular Christ Embassy President, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome was displeased with his worship leader Sinach over her marriage, the clergyman was last week seen publicly honoring the singer and her husband on their 1st wedding anniversary.
Pastor Chris, who was last month conferred with a Doctor of Science degree by his Alma mater, openly commended the singer’s good work and spurred her to do more as he prayed for the couple.

I wonder what facts these rumour mongers base their stories on.


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  1. They just want to sell their write ups…liars…God help them…How can they say Rev is displeased with her marriage when he wedded them…

  2. Joblessness can be frustrating you know. That’s what they know to do Spew ignorance and lies on the internet. Imagine! what nonsense against my own lady of songs and the humble husband. Anyways people will always talk about you because you’re a success. No one would talk about failures. Keep shining my Lady of songs and Sir Joe. #sponsoredbygrace #alwaysinfavour

  3. Comment:make God kill you. even if I know dry go church, this rumor about pastor Chris.!! make internet KILL YOU


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