Period: 6 Types Of Foods To Avoid When You Are On


For many ladies, monthly periods can be quite stressful, full of discomfort, cramps, mood swings, among other things. There are some foods you should avoid during your monthly period because they can contribute largely to your discomfort and cramps.

Whatever you take into your body during your period will determine how you end up feeling.

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1. Sugar

Although sugar might seem like the key to your happiness during your period, you are better off staying away from it. Your pain tends to increase anytime you let your taste buds lead you to consume sugary foods during your period. So, stay away from sweet things.


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2. Carbonated drinks

When your period starts, your body might start wanting all the things that are bad for you and can contribute to bloating. A typical example is carbonated drinks. Instead, drink more water to ease bloating while on your period.

Carbonated Drinks

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3. Salty foods

Another thing you have to avoid during your period is sodium. It also contributes to bloating and uneasiness.

Salty Foods

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4. Fried and fatty foods

Consuming foods like fries, fried chicken or fried fish during your period can increase your pains and cramps. Therefore, foods that contain a high amount of hydrogenated vegetable oil should be avoided.

Fried and fatty Foods

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5. Dairy products

Dairy products like milk should be avoided when on your period, as they contain high levels of saturated fats which can cause pain during your period.

Dairy Products

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6. Legumes

Beans and peas will increase bloating during your period. So, stay away from them.



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