Pharrell Williams re-enacts his best ’80s sitcom intro


Pharell Williams

42-year-old co-owner of G-Star RAW Pharrell Williams might still be stuck in the ’80s. During his recent visit to ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,’ the producer, rapper, singer shared his love for the 80’s TV shows.

First off, the producer, rapper, singer and business mogul showed some campy poses from TV intros during the interview. He also showed off his impressions of ’80s actors posing for sitcom intros. The ‘Happy’ crooner then went on to praise the Knight Rider theme song as one of his favorites of all time.

“The funny thing is,” he said, showing the type of dance moves he’d do while watching TV in those years. “The ’70s and ’80s were like that. It was a very different thing. You weren’t worried about how you looked or how you came off.

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“You made a face,” he added. “The face helped convey how you were feeling about the song…’80s and ’70s music puts a strut in your thing.”

Watch Jimmy Fallon and Pharell Williams enjoy themselves on the show.


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