Planning a picnic with your family this holiday season!


Ever heard of a picnic? It’s not all the time you take your kids to the fast-food restaurant, the ice cream shop or to some merriment park, you could actually organise and take them for a picnic, just for the family, especially now that they are on holiday.

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What is a picnic?

It is a meal eaten outside in an informal setting. Picnics are always beautiful and can be done easily and cheaply, it is very affordable for parents of all economic class.



You need to map out a location for the picnic. Do you want it to be in a popular park? Close to the sea? In a hilly place? Whatever your decision, make sure your location is safe and not a dangerous place where you can easily see reptiles like snakes or where you could be kidnapped by hoodlums.

A park is preferable because other people would be there or a beach.

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You need to carry some things along with you. Items needed for a family picnic include:

-Mat or any ground spray( you would need to spray this on the ground)

– Cameras( to take pictures of yourself)

– Baskets(to carry your food)

-Hats or sunshades( to shade you from the sun)

– A  big umbrella( so you could create a shade)

– A map( so you don’t get lost)

-Tissue paper( you know what this is used for)


You can go with all sort of foods, it all depends on how long you’ll be spending there. Preferably take quick snacks and easily digested food like rice, taking garri for a picnic it’s a no for me.

Carry along fruits, assorted drinks and lots of water in case you decide to play games like rope skipping, this would help refresh you.

Lastly, pray before you leave your house, make sure your car is well serviced, go to the picnic with a great mood, make it fun for you and your children.


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