Plus Size Fashion Tips from Top Designers


image.adapt.960.high.FinalCabiriaIf you’re a lady leaning towards the more curvy side, you know that sometimes finding the right clothes can be a tad difficult. Once we in the plus size group manage to find the right clothes which hug our figure and flatter it, there’s no limit to how good and yummy we can be. In that happy situation, we become the living embodiment of just how divine the curvy female body can be, and no one could still uphold the skinny standard when faced with such a lovely apparition.

The only problem is that with the way the fashion industry works, it’s so focused on other types of figures, that sometimes finding these ‘right’ clothes which showcase the plus size beauty is close to impossible. Very rarely, pretty clothes for plus sizes come up in stores, as if designers don’t understand that big girls can wear flirty outfits too. But not to worry: with these smart fashion tips, you can turn the odds in your favour and work with most of the plus size clothes you can find.

1. Don’t be afraid of bodycon dressesArticle_3_Picture_4You may be tempted to hide behind loose dresses and tunics, but don’t. You can see that tight, bodycon dresses can be perfectly figure-hugging and flattering if you choose one that suits you.

2. Frills and loose cuts are your friends

Article_3_Picture_1Little frill details in your clothing, and cuts which are loose, but follow the lines of your body are one of the best combinations possible. As you can see from the picture, it’s a lovely outfit idea for curvy ladies.

3. Layers and high heelsArticle_3_Picture_3You can wear almost any type of clothing you want (including shorts), as long as you remember that layering your clothes creates a lovely figure-hugging effect. If you also add high heels to the mix, it’s even better.

4. Patterns have a sculptural effect
rum-coke-1-600x800Wearing a pattern is usually advised against in fashion tips for plus sized ladies, but this is an outdated advice. Beautiful patterns can actually create a beautiful and slimming sculptural effect.

5. Leggings and loose topsArticle_3_Picture_5The classic casual combo, ideal for any day of the week: leggings and loose tops layered over them.



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