Leicester City may have finished top of the Premier League last season, but when it comes to the earnings chart, Arsenal reign supreme, having garnered close to £101m in revenue ( £100,952,257 to be exact).

The official figures, released on Tuesday, show the total, as well as the breakdown, of all cash earned by top flight clubs.

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Photo credit: yahoo.com
Photo credit: yahoo.com

Manchester City were the second highest earners, receiving a sum of  £96,971,603m while their neighbors Manchester United raked in £96.5m. Tottenham is next with £95.2, followed by champions Leicester with £93.2.

Aston Villa, firmly rooted to the bottom, still collected £66.6m, the highest-ever sum for a bottom-placed club.

The funds come mainly from the league’s TV deals but also includes a portion of the central commercial income for each club.

The Gunners’ money comprised  £23,605,000m in ‘merit’ cash for finishing second,  £21,496,762m in ‘facility fees’ for being in so many live TV games, then came the equal shares of domestic and overseas TV, along with the commercial income from Premier League sponsors such as Barclays.

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All clubs received £1,242,405m per finishing place, going up from Villa with that sum to Leicester with  £24,848,100. The clubs also got a variable amount dependent on the number of times their matches were shown on Sky Sports or BT Sport, in addition to an equal minimum of  £8,782,088m.

Arsenal had the most matches televised in the UK with 27,  followed by Manchester United (26) then Manchester City (25), Liverpool (23) and Chelsea (22).

Sky and BT paid £3.018bn between them in order to show Premier League matches in the UK over three seasons, from 2013 to 2016. Overseas broadcasters paid 2.23bn to show matches for the same period.

These sums are set to increase in future, with domestic rising from £3.018bn to £5.136bn, while overseas should spike from £2.23bn to over £3bn.



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