We have discussed this topic a number of times, we encourage parents to indulge their young ones in sex education, but we haven’t marked out the difficulties they may face while trying to educate their kids on sex.

The first problem encountered by parents would be shyness. Many parents could find it difficult to talk about sex with their children especially in this part of the world where sex is not freely discussed.

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Through the ages, it has been very uncomfortable and even impossible for most adults to speak about sex and its related behaviour. Some people try to hide their discomfort through the use of what are often obscene jokes; others try to exhibit an air of learning or solemnity or on the other hand, they deal with the matter with the same negligence as they would when talking about taking dirty clothes to the dry cleaners.

There are those who refuse to discuss sexual matters with young people, convinced that it only awakens the sexual impulses in them.

The second is the difficulties that some parents have to adequately answer the questions asked by their children, through their own lack of basic knowledge on the subject.  Sex education isn’t focused on sexual activity alone, it covers a lot of topics. So before engaging your child, make sure you have researched thoroughly, so you don’t get confused by their questions.

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-When speaking about sexual matters, parents should do so with total naturalness, never trying to avoid the discussion.

-the language used should be clear and easy to understand and free of metaphors. However, not every detail should be conveyed at once.

-no sexual aspect should be discussed in a derogatory manner.

-the erotic should not be presented as something mysterious.

-sex must never be presented as something evil or hidden; although it must always be made clear that it is something private and personal.

-No matter how hard it seems to talk about a particular aspect of sex, it is always advisable to say as much as we know, so that the adolescent is not left in the dark or in doubt. This way, they would be correctly informed and able to make up their own minds about questions bothering them, arising from other less reliable and less selfless sources.


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