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Wilavega Trilogy Book One : Inheritance



The Inheritance is book one of the Wilavega trilogy, a series of 3 books. It follows the life story of Lila Welsh.


Lila Welsh is the prettiest woman in the country of Getrude. She is the C.E.O of Wilavega, the largest wine Producing company in Africa. She is feared in the business world. She is ruthless, proud and arrogant. Lila has no regard for the men folk; she can get any man at the snap of her fingers.


One night, she follows her father to a Charity Ball where she meets Gabriel Smith, the only man that is able to catch attention more than a minute. There is something intriguing about Gabriel Smith, something that makes her think about him even five years after their meeting.

Her father dies and leaves her with his entire wealth and estate. Before the dust of her father’s death had settled, Lila finds herself thrown into the whirlwind and finds herself her fate dramatically intertwined with the very man she was trying to forget.


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