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Wilavega Trilogy Three Book Limited Time Sale

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Get the three books for the price of one.

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Get all three books of the Wilavega Trilogy for a limited time.

Wilavega Trilogy Book One: The Inheritance

Wilavega Trilogy: The inheritance

Lila Welsh is the prettiest woman in the country of Getrude. She is the C.E.O of Wilavega, the largest wine Producing company in Africa. She is feared in the business world. She is ruthless, proud and arrogant. Lila has no regard for the menfolk; she can get any man at the snap of her fingers.
One night, she follows her father to a Charity Ball where she meets Gabriel Smith, the only man that is able to catch attention more than a minute. There is something intriguing about Gabriel Smith, something that makes her think about him even five years after their meeting.
Her father dies and leaves her with his entire wealth and estate. Before the dust of her father’s death had settled, Lila finds herself thrown into the whirlwind and finds herself her fate dramatically intertwined with the very man she was trying to forget.

Wilavega Trilogy Book Two: Game Of Losers

wilavega trilogy book 2: game of losers

Following up from where The Inheritance left off, Game of Losers focuses on the brewing relationship between Lila and Gabriel.

Five years wave by since their meeting at the Charity Ball. Her father’s death which happens around this time opens up a can of worms. Chief Welsh, her father, had taken a loan from Gabriel Smith, one that would threaten the very existence of Wilavega. Lila realizes that Gabriel Smith fits the description of the famous Nigerian Playboy Billionaire whom she has heard so much about, she suddenly hates him and all that he represents. She fights her growing attraction for Gabriel; even after discovering that she is indebted to him, she rejects his help when he willingly offers to help her company through its financial crisis

Wilavega Trilogy Book Three: Love Has A Mind Of It’s Own

Wilavega Trilogy Book Three : Love Has A Mind Of Its Own

Gabriel has been a player all his life, but everything changes when he falls in love with Lila Welsh. His love for her transcends her pretty hazel eyes, it surpasses the perfection of her figure. It is more of her ambitious nature and how resilient she is in the face of trouble. But Lila proves stubborn, she would rather die than confess her true feelings for Gabriel. Gabriel uses her indebtedness to him as a tool to manipulate her submission. But after the first kiss they share, everything changes.

7 reviews for Wilavega Trilogy Three Book Limited Time Sale

  1. Olagunju olawumi

    Wilavega trilogy

    • Davina

      Thank you very much

  2. hannah Awhewhejiri

    please DD, Kindly Inbox me the account details as I want to buy the 3 books ,urgently ,tanxs a lot

  3. Assumpta Ego Obua

    I have paid and haven’t gotten any response yet.

  4. Opeoluwa

    Hello DD, am trying to pay for d book but is showing 3,000 against 1,000 that you been announcing

    • Davina

      Hi, Opeoluwa,

      That was because it was on a promo which has ended.
      We have extended the sales promo again
      It should have reverted back to N1000


  5. Jummy

    How do I make the #1000 payment for the Wilavega Trilogy?

  6. xtylane29

    I just paid for the 3 Wilavega trilogy and God is not here..
    Please how do I get them.

  7. Tugbobo Wumi

    Dear DD, I paid for WILAVEGA TRILOGY over a month ago while d promo lasted and am yet to get the book. Please I need a response as soon as you get this message….

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