Public Display of Tobacco now prohibited in Singapore


No public display of tobacco in Singapore

Tobacco lovers in Singapore are probably not happy right now as a law just made it harder to buy tobacco in the city.

Lawmakers in Singapore recently passed tighter restrictions on tobacco sales in a bid to reduce the rate at which citizens smoke in the city.

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Starting from 2017, tobacco which includes products like: cigarettes, cigars, and loose tobacco leaves wouldn’t be displayed in plain sight anymore. The lawmakers are of the opinion that if tobacco is kept in hidden places by shop owners, impulse purchase could be prevented, especially among young people.

However, a close source revealed that the Health Minister Amy Khor has told lawmakers that stores that specialize in selling tobacco products will be exempt, as long as the items are not visible from the outside.

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Some lawmakers have called for even stricter measures to reduce smoking rates in the city-state. They suggested raising the minimum legal age from 18 to 21 for buying cigarettes, and increasing the number of designated smoking zones. This, however, has not been approved.

You really can’t blame them biko… It’s their way of helping people help themselves. America should take a cue and prohibit the public display of ‘junk food’. This way, they can cut down on the high rate of obesity amongst their people.



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