It was a good first week for the new movie Rampage as it managed to scare A Quiet Place out of the top box office spot. The Dwayne Johnson-starring action flick raked in a solid $34.5 million in its opening weekend, beating out the second week of John Krasinski’s horror flick, which fell just 35.1 percent to $32.6 million.

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Rampage, based on the ’80s video game of the same name, stars Johnson as Davis Okoye, the head of an anti-poaching unit in Rwanda whose best friend, a rare albino gorilla named George, is infected with a serum that causes him to grow in both size and aggression at an unprecedented rate. The serum also infects a wolf and an alligator, who unleash their wrath on Chicago.

Naomie Harris, Malin Akerman, Jake Lacy, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and Joe Manganiello also star in Rampage, which was directed by Brad Peyton based on a script from Ryan Engle, Adam Sztykiel, Ryan Condal, and Carlton Cuse. The film has received mixed reviews from critics and currently sits at a 50 percent on Rotten Tomatoes.

Check out the Top 10 Weekend Box Office Gross:


  1. Rampage: $34,500,000 (– percent), $34,500,000 Total Domestic Gross


  1. A Quiet Place: $32,600,000 (-35.1 percent), $99,635,885 Total Domestic Gross


  1. Truth or Dare: $19,080,000 (– percent), $19,080,000 Total Domestic Gross


  1. Ready Player One: $11,205,000 (-54.5 percent), $114,607,798 Total Domestic Gross

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  1. Blockers: $10,295,000 (-49.9 percent), $36,927,670 Total Domestic Gross


  1. Black Panther: $5,342,000 (-38.6 percent), $673,797,522 Total Domestic Gross


  1. Isle of Dogs: $5,000,000 (+9.6 percent), $18,450,864 Total Domestic Gross


  1. I Can Only Imagine: $3,837,220 (-50.8 percent), $74,988,485 Total Domestic Gross


  1. Tyler Perry’s Acrimony: $3,700,000 (-55.9 percent), $37,875,477  Total Domestic Gross


  1. Chappaquiddick: $3,025,000 (-47.5 percent), $11,006,383 Total Domestic Gross



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