No matter how good your product and service is, if you don’t reach the right customer, you wouldn’t sell. Every month, Davina Diaries is read by 1.5M people just like you. These people are the right demographics for you and we are giving you the opportunity to reach them for just N5,000k per advert. Yes, five thousand naira.

Who is the ideal advertiser

Fashion retailers:- clothes, shoes, accessories
Education services:- schools, tutors, study abroad programmes, personal training and coaching, self-development and growth programmes
Beauty products: cosmetics, perfumes, accessories
Consumer goods: electronics, furniture, home furnishing
lifestyle products: slimming products; barbers, hairstylists,  beauty salons, Gyms, spas.
Hospitality services: restaurant, hotels, beaches, resort centres
Real estate: rentals, house sales, leases
Food and food products
Wedding products: wedding planners, clothiers, cake, accessories, photographers, halls
Financial services: banking, insurance, investment services
Baby and maternity products
and many more not mentioned…

How does it work:

Send us your advert and the payment. We will publish your advert as post alongside other adverts. We publish a maximum of 10 adverts per page. The adverts last for 30 days. We advertise that page to our readers giving maximum exposure for your adverts. Fresh adverts are published once a week every Thursday, but your advert would run for a guaranteed 30 days. Adverts are placed on a first come first served basis.

Are you interested:

Yes, you should be. The Davina Diaries audience covers the active group of people. Our audience is 60% female and 40% male. 60% of our audience is in the active labour force and cover the ages 25-55. The remaining 40% is split amongst the other age groups.

Contact us today. Send a mail to with the advert. Also, include your phone number. We will evaluate the advert and give you advice on how to adjust it to get the best result. Once you are satisfied and pay, your adverts would be published. New adverts must reach us by close of day on Tuesday in order to make it for the Thursday of that week.

We look forward to doing business with you. Send a mail to subject  should be Davina Diaries marketplace



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