The King of Comedy Alibaba must have seen something today and as his manner is he cannot keep quiet about it. He has a message for the new generation who feel they are too big to use a thing for a long time.

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The Ace comedian took to Instagram to share a photo of Former US President Barack Obama and his amiable wife Michelle and wrote:

Read AliBaba’s message to Instagram Generation

“This is so mummy Mary… anyway, what I really want to draw your attention to are the shoes.

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“If you know about shoes, you will know that those are leather soles. And for it to be rubber at the bottom means only one thing… RESOLE! Go snack on that…all these Instagram generations that say they cannot wear one thing twice.

“Meanwhile, you don’t earn as much as people who repeat clothes and resole their shoes. The place status lifestyle is driving us to, is Debt Avenue… and that will be the death of us.”


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