President Trump made a remark after describing the U.S. military’s “strength” in the region, where nuclear submarines and aircraft carriers have been deployed as a warning to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to halt his nuclear and missile programmes.

Read what US President Trump is hoping to God for

“We hope to God we never have to use” military force against North Korea, U.S. President Donald Trump said at a joint news conference in South Korea.

“I really believe it makes sense for North Korea to come to the table,” Trump said.

He said he sees “certain movement” towards that end on Pyongyang’s behalf.

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Trump called on Russia and China to do more to deal with North Korea, which he called a “worldwide threat that requires worldwide action.”

“We call on every responsible nation, including China and Russia, to demand the North Korean regime end its nuclear weapons and missile programmes.”

He described South Korea as a “long-standing ally of the U.S. We are partners and friends who have fought side by side in a war.” Trump added that “we cannot allow North Korea to threaten all that we have built.”

Trump said that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un “is threatening millions and millions of lives so needlessly.”

“The United States stands prepared to defend itself and its allies using the full range of its defence capabilities,” he added.


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