Before now, men were the leading team in the cheating game, but a good look at our world today would make us understand that women are equally leading. Lots of girls cheat on their men these days, don’t even argue about this. Men cheat for diverse reasons, so do women, so why do women cheat?

Firstly, it is believed women rarely cheat and if they do, it must be for a good reason. Women cheat when their man isn’t giving them attention.

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Attention is very important to women, you need to shower them with sweet words, kind gestures and love, always be around them. If you are the kind of man that takes his woman for granted, if you are too comfortable, you feel she cannot slip from your fingers, then get ready for a surprise.

Show your woman love. When you return from work and glue your eyes watching your team play, you fail to communicate with her, suddenly every other thing turns out to be more important than your darling, trouble is coming. She would find herself a man that would fill in the gap you’re creating with your own hands.

Women cheat on their men as a form of pay back. Surprised? This is usually a very wrong move on the woman’s part. If your man cheats on you, cheating on him too wouldn’t solve the problem, it’s going to create more problems and this would eventually destroy your marriage or relationship.#

See Also: Hilarious! Woman puts photo of cheating husband on national newspaper

Some men could be very heartless, by sleeping with everything they see in skirts, but you sleeping around doesn’t make you a better person. Most women do this, to get the man jealous but it usually turns out wrong.

Some cheat for money, maybe they are in dire need of money and their partner cannot help out, so they sleep around for it. Others cheat because their man isn’t good in bed and they need to get satisfied. While others just cheat for the fun of it.

Men cheat, women cheat, whatever your reason for cheating is, stop it, stop hurting other people.


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