Reasons parents birth abroad part 1


parents birth abroad

In recent years birthing abroad has become a trending style, these days in desperation to get to the shores of countries of interest, some women conceal their pregnant status and travel long and risky distances under a tourist guise just to birth abroad. DD Research has discovered that apart from the statuesque of birthing your child in a first world country, there are other reasons why some women may choose to undertake the journey to a distant location as birthing choice.

Benefits of Birthing Overseas:

Dual citizenship:

One of the major reasons for considered when parents contemplate birthing abroad is the benefit of dual citizenship for their newly born child. Not all countries have this rule of automatic right to citizenship law in practice. Most parts of Europe no longer practice it, although there are quite a number of countries which still do, however the commonly exploited is the North, Central and South America.

Subsaharan Africa, has one of the highest rates of exploitation to this law, as a developing continent, children born there lack; greater freedom to travel, less tax liability, access to more affordable health care or college education, and more employment and investment opportunities. Which are some of the benefits offered by first world countries. Therefore planning a better future for their children by parents could mean contemplating a second citizenship for their unborn children.

In the part 2 DD will tackle ; Facts about Dual citizenships, informing you about the factors to consider when planning your next child’s birthing location.

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