A cleric in Taraba, Rev. Fr Charles Nyameh, has admonished politicians who have stolen from Nigeria’s treasury to return their loots in exchange for God’s mercies.

Nyameh, a priest in the Catholic Diocese of Jalingo, in a sermon in Monkin, Zing Local Government Area of the state,backed up his call with the story of Zacchaeus, a rich Tax Collector, who, on encountering Jesus, repented and was forgiven.

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He said that Zacchaeus, who climbed a tree just to see Jesus, pledged to return four times what he stole as a Tax Collector.

'Return all stolen funds and enjoy God's mercies,' Cleric tells politicians

The priest urged treasury looters in the country to emulate Zacchaeus for a better country and for them to enjoy salvation and real fulfilment.

“Zacchaeus’ encounter with Jesus led to his repentance and promise to make restitution of what he stole from others.

“Our public and political servants, who know they acquired their wealth in a corrupt manner, should follow Zacchaeus example and make restitution of what they stole from our collective wealth.

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“God will not let go all those who stole our resources and corruptly enrich themselves, He is calling on all of us to make restitution for our wrong actions to enjoy his mercies.”

Nyameh urged people to endeavour to make restitution on injury and other damages and make amends in their way of life for a better society.

The cleric reminded the congregation that corrupt people could manipulate the courts to keep their stolen funds, but they would certainly not gain the real fulfilment that comes from God.



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