American rapper, Offset, is still out here pulling out every stop besides being faithful to win his wife back, and his gifting for Christmas was no exception.

According to Page Six, the rapper spared no expense once he was permitted back into Cardi and Kulture’s presence for the holiday. As Michelle Berk, founder of Privé Porter, the world’s largest reseller of rare Birkin bags told the publication, Offset called her personally looking to wow his woman with no expense spared.

“Offset is bending over backwards to win her back. He called me out of the blue. He said, ‘You’ve got to help me out. I’m in deep trouble.’ I said, ‘If you want to win her back, it’s got to be an alligator Birkin.’

Offset met Berk at her suite in NYC and selected three special Birkins for his special lady, a lime green one, a black one, and one in “rose candy” — a pink color. His grand total for the three bags came to $106,000.

That apparently did the trick. The source claims that when Offset presented the bags to Cardi on Christmas, “she was so ecstatic, she was crying.”

“Offset is a super nice guy. He sounds like he loves her a lot.”

The presents didn’t stop there. Sources claim that Offset also gave Cardi multiple pairs of her favourite “bloody shoes” Christian Louboutins, jewellery, and a couple of Chanel bags for good measure.

It seems to have done the trick. Cardi is reportedly allowing Offset to tag along with her to Hawaii in the next few weeks, and they’ll get some time in for a “second honeymoon” when she has some downtime.




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