Despite been banned from travelling to Morroco by Real Madrid president Florentino Perez and head coach Zinedine Zidane,Cristano Ronaldo is reported to have jetted off on yet another trip to the North African country. The pair are believed to have ordered their star player to put an end to the trips to Africa which he made every fortnight. But just a week after the new rule was imposed, Multiple reports in Spain claim Ronaldo was off to se Hari in Marrakesh to celebrate scoring a hat-trick against Espanyol on Sunday night

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Real Madrid players had been given Monday and Tuesday off, but Perez has been keen to limit certain exploits following suggestions it has been affecting performances. Sergio Ramos, for example, has stopped making regular trips to his home-town of Seville. So imagine how annoyed Bernabeu chiefs were when they found out Ronaldo had used his time off to go much further afield. The reason for Ronaldo’s increasingly frequent trips to Morocco are not entirely clear. He has been spending time with Dutch-born Moroccan kickboxer Badr Hari, which had led to wildly sensational and unsubstantiated claims that the pair were homosexual lovers.

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Other reports have claimed that Ronaldo does indeed have a new love interest in Morocco, but not Hari. Rather, the subject of his visits is French-Portuguese model and former Miss Universe entrant, Melanie Martins. But whatever the reason for Ronaldo’s trips south, he’s probably going to have some explaining to do when he returns to Spain after this one.


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