Runaway Flight Attendant Arrested over 30kg Cocaine Find


Runaway Flight Attendant Arrested over 30kg Cocaine Find


The flight attendant who tried to smuggle cocaine through the Los Angeles International Airport was arrested Wednesday, according to officials.

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She took off when she was randomly selected for a routine check at the Los Angeles international airport leaving behind her Gucci heels and handbag which contained the cocaine.

The 31-year-old Marsha Reynolds, surrendered to security agent at the John. F. Kennedy International Airport in New York Drug Enforcements Agency said.

Marsha Reynolds is a JetBlue flight attendant ran away before she could be apprehended, the officials found 68.49 pounds of cocaine inside 11 individually wrapped packages.

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She has been charged with federal narcotics trafficking offense and will appear before a judge in a US district court in Brooklyn Thursday.

If convicted Reynolds could be jailed for up to 10 years in a federal prison official said.

Though crew members are not usually screened but hers was a random case buttressing the assertion by the Los Angeles Airport Peace Officers Association that airport and airline staff be screened.



Source:  ABC News


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