A Russian rocket company Energia has announced that it’s working on a space taxi that’ll shuttle crews from the ISS down to the moon. The plans were announced at the Human Space Exploration international conference in Korolev, near Moscow just outside Moscow and reported by Russia.

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The craft, provisionally named Ryvok, would be permanently docked on the International Space Station (ISS) or its replacement transporting cargo and crews to the lunar surface. Each flight would be powered by fuel in an “accelerator block,” brought up from Earth on the back of a Russian rocket.

Provisionally named Ryvok, meaning ‘charge’ in Russian, the new spacecraft would be permanently docked at the ISS, or its replacement space station.

The flights down to the lunar surface would be powered by a fuel in an ‘accelerator block’ delivered from Earth by a Russian rocket.

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The new space vehicle would be used for five-day return trips to the moon from the space station.

The Angara A5 rocket and the ‘Federation’ spacecraft, which is currently in development, are expected to replace the long-serving Soyuz.

However, Energia thinks that it’ll be more cost effective to develop the Ryvok ‘moon taxi’, rather than waiting for the new rocket to be declared safe to carry humans.

Federation is scheduled to be built by 2021 with flights set to start in 2023.

Russian space agency Roscosmos expects flights to the moon to begin in 2025.



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