This article is dedicated to an often neglected group in our life as a people. It is dedicated to the civil servant. You heard me right or is it read me write? The civil servant is a feature our life that has suffered in silence for decades. Over-used, under-prized and under-valued. The civil servant has carried on its functions stoically, never complaining, unable to speak out, unable to defend its self against unwanted? And unnecessary abuse.

The civil servant has trudged on. Across the states and regions, never discriminating, always available, willing to serve the underserved as well as the over-fed. It knows no tribe, or tongue, the civil servant knows no religion nor doctrine. The civil servant is truly servant of all. The civil servant is everywhere; in the home of the wealthy and in the ghettos of the wretched, the civil servant carries out its life-saving duties, unsung and uncelebrated.

Salute To The Civil Servant
Federal Civil Servants writing Exams/Pic:osbcng

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Never has a National broadcast mentioned the civil servant, never has any merit award been given to this most faithful and deserving of all servants. Yet never, for once has the civil servant refused to serve. Today I have come to remedy all that. Honour must be given to whom it is due. And honour I due to the civil servant. Indeed a National award is due to this totally humble, self-effacing aspect of our National life.

Many a time has the civil servant jumped in to save a life when all else had failed. Many a time has the civil servant come in the nick of time to prevent a disastrous catastrophe.  I have even heard it whispered in secret places that the civil servant has been used to literarily lick a butt or two in the bush off a highway!

Today, I raise my resource control hat in salute to the civil servants of Nigeria. They have served across the nooks and crannies. They have endured pain and hardship.

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Oh, yes! The civil servant is deserving of a resounding standing ovation because the season is here again and everywhere I look, I see the civil servant, civilly serving without complaining.

Today I salute the cob of corn, otherwise known as the civil servant, saving lives since before Lord Lugard!


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