Good news after all.

Following the controversy that came with the #SaveMayowa campaign, family of the cancer patient Mayowa Ahmed, have released an update on her well-being.

In a series of tweets, Mayowa’s brother thanked everyone that supported the campaign, saying that Mayowa was set to travel to the UAE for treatment.

See his tweets below:

“On behalf of Mayowa Ahmed, the entire Ahmed family say a big thank you to well-wishers for your contributions towards the fundraiser to #SaveMayowa. We are totally grateful to EVERYONE for their donations, support & prayers. We pray that Allah rewards you all abundantly.”

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“Mayowa remains our primary focus and concern; currently being prepared and monitored for her long awaited treatment abroad. We are working earnestly to ensure she makes the trip in best health status for the doctors to continue and complete the process abroad.”

“We have engaged a hospital in UAE where a doctor has accepted to treat her for the ailments as identified by doctors in Nigeria. They had advised on a date for her to arrive in their facility and we made necessary arrangements to ensure we meet up.”

“In our quest to move Mayowa abroad for treatment, we went through several challenges. From securing a 3months visa to UAE, getting an emergency doctor to accompany her on the trip (as requested by the airlines), and ensuring her discharge from LUTH was not against the ongoing investigation of the scam accusation by the police.”

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#SaveMayowa: Mayowa is set to travel to UAE for Treatment – Family

“All contacts that we were working with at the initial stage abandoned us as we were accused of scamming Nigerians. Why will anyone sit down behind their laptop and accuse an entire family of scamming Nigerians without even visiting the hospital? Due to the setback, we could not meet the initial date advised by the hospital in UAE. We were rescheduled for a later date. With the help of friends and well-meaning Nigerians (home and abroad), she is set to travel for her treatment.”

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“Mayowa has gone through unimaginable emotional roller coaster since the beginning of the #SaveMayowa campaign. Mayowa on her sickbed has watched all videos on #SaveMayowa, read virtually all articles written – the lies and unconfirmed “exclusives”.

“From high enthusiasm of funds raised, to a low point of being accused of a scam to rip humanity of d gift of hope given to her. Mayowa’s desire to live has kept all of our firms and committed to her full recovery. She’s the strongest woman I know.”

“We’ve had our own dose of being looked at differently due to someone’s false claim of calling #SaveMayowa a “SCAM”. Our lives are no longer what it used to be. Our jobs, means of survival and future treatment of Mayowa was put in jeopardy. But we have to keep striving and praying for God’s favor to give Mayowa the life she yearns for – healthy and happy.”

“We have a goal and that goal is to get Mayowa better, healthy and back on her two feet to thank God for His mercies. Mayowa will come on here to thank you to all that have helped in her recovery God’s willing.”

“As a family, we would like to thank God for giving us this opportunity to thank you and for preserving our dear Mayowa’ s life. We appeal to everyone to continue with their prayers so that Mayowa would live to give a testimony of this ordeal.”


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