Dry or chapped lips are prone to happen every now and then due to Weather, Sickness or change in Cosmetic products and Skin Care. Also, exposure to Sun can equally cause one’s lips to look dry and unappealing.chapped-lips
Even though there are several efficient remedies both natural and artificial to soothe chapped or dry lips,e.g – HONEY,COCONUT OIL,ALOE VERA,DRINKING WATER TO STAY HYDRATED,LIP BALMS,Another fun way to exfoliate your lips especially if you want to wear a matte lipstick is to use A TOOTHBRUSH.
The bristles of your toothbrush can help exfoliate (remove dead cells) by gently brushing your wet lips in circular motion. This process peels off the dead skin on your lips that makes it look unattractive and reveals a fresh new skin beneath.
Also,Sugar is another “sweet” way of exfoliating your lips. All you have to do is apply it on the lips and gently rub in circular motion.
Do not get carried away by applying force on the Lips, this may break it and make it even worse. so be gentle….


  1. Great article. I have often felt that ignorance is expensive and equally costly as the wrong information. Most people just dont have the right information. Your article is timely as too many people do not know they need to exfoliate their lips. I used to be one of such persons till i discovered my lips were getting sun burns. Imagine sharing an intimate moment with some one whose lips taste like rubber, Yuckily, Yuck!

    Sharing my thots on this, Sugar is a good natural ingredient to exfoliate your lips, brown sugar works fine as well. Its can be used as a baseline for a home made exfoliating remedy. Like you rightly mentioned several natural ingredients can be used to exfoliate your lips such as honey, olive oil and much more. You can mix sugar and honey or sugar and Vaseline or sugar and olive oil. I realised exfoliating my lips with a toothbrush and applying honey as a soothing balm worked wonders for my lips. Most people like (former me) were comfortable doing facial exfoliation and didn’t know exfoliating ones lips is a necessary and fundamental part of our beauty and personal hygiene routine.

    Once I discovered this, it was not long, my lips returned to their cherry pink colours. But above all, a lip balm is always good for your lips after exfoliating. This help return some moisture to ur lips and helps heal ur lips faster if the skin is broken.


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