Kerry Washington plays 'Olivia Pope' in the Political Tv Drama series
Kerry Washington plays ‘Olivia Pope’ in the Political Tv Drama series

Spoiler alert for all the gladiators, “Scandal,” is also preparing for its fictional election season, which may emulate the current election happenings. Good Morning America‘s Lara Spencer caught up with “Scandal” executive producer Shonda Rhimes at the “Scandal” panel at PaleyFest in Los Angeles and asked her how much the U.S. presidential campaigns were influencing the show’s upcoming episodes.

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“What’s interesting is that it wasn’t at all, but then it started catching up with our writing,” Rhimes, 46, said. “It got a little scary because we had all kinds of crazy things planned and I keep walking in the room going ‘Well, we can’t do that, because it’s real, and people will think we’re stealing from actual life.’ Life has surpassed anything that we could come up with.”

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Rhimes also revealed that “There’s some stuff that we’ve come up with that’s already been shot that’s going to happen that is now happening and that stuns me.”

As for who Olivia Pope will end up with, Rhimes declined to answer.

According to her, President Fitzgerald was “a fantasy. She never had to actually be a wife she never actually had to be truly emotionally available. She never actually had to do any of the icky stuff that you have to do when you’re in a relationship.”

As for Jake Ballard, ” …he sees all of the dirty parts of [Olivia] and doesn’t care. And I don’t know that she necessarily likes that because then she has to actually commit so maybe that’s harder.”


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