Chris walked into church that Sunday feeling so downcast. He sluggishly put one foot in front of the other. He reeked of misfortune and sadness. He let down the hood of his sweater from over the top of his head revealing strands of fine dark hair.

His skin was pale, his eyes were sunken and he moved his feet as thought the weight of the world was shackled on them. He had chosen the church because he had no other place to turn to for help.

He was swimming in a sea of debts and struggled to stay focused on his academics. His mother, the only family he had in the world, had just be diagnosed of a life threatening condition. It was as though everything that could go wrong had lined itself up against him and worse more, there didn’t seem to be any light at the end of the tunnel.

He was surrounded by poverty, frustration and depression, because of these enemies he dragged himself to church. He had hoped that they would see the cross and let him be.

You Are Reading: Scarlet Dream: Episode 1- Broken 

Service started and he got a seat that gave a good view of the altar. The glass pulpit sat graciously on the stage. The backdrop was beautifully decorated, there was a fountain in the background with lovely looking rocks and flowers. It must have cost a small fortune to set up such a stage he thought to himself. The choristers began the praise session and despite their attempts, they couldn’t get him to dance. The shackles on his feet wouldn’t allow it.

The service went on without creating a spark inside of him. As melodious as the choir ministration was, it didn’t move him to dance. The call for offering didn’t find money in his pocket. But, when the sermon began something hit him.

The word moved on him like a whirl wind. The preacher was building his point slowly but striking chords. It was as though the weights were gradually being lifted off his shoulder. He spoke about the power of the tongue and how individuals attract various outcomes to their life by their thought. It called it, “the secret”.

It was as though the preacher was speaking directly to him. He explained positive energy and negative energy. He explained that each individual had the power to call things into existence and they would come just like it happened in the bible. It was at that point Chris realized that things were the way they were in his life because he had allowed negative thoughts to come into his head.

It was as though a bulb had just been turned on in his head. An energy that he didn’t know he had burst out from within him breaking him free from the shackles of depression that had held him down. He had come to church with the hope of getting some assistance from the benevolence department but he got something better – an awakening. He was excited, a smile plastered itself on his face and refused to leave.

He momentarily forgot about his unpaid bills, the next meal, failed deals, his mother’s poor health, his past misfortunes and the stacks of problems that encompassed him.  It didn’t seem to matter that the Benevolence department wouldn’t be giving out items till the following Sunday. He had been exposed to a secret and it gave him the courage to dream again.

You Are Reading: Scarlet Dream: Episode 1- Broken 

The service came to an end and Chris felt like he could do anything he set his mind to do. His heart became merry, a fresh desire to succeed fell on him.

He joined the stream of people pouring out of the church auditorium. But, when he got to the bus-stop, reality set in. He didn’t have money to pay for transportation back to his house. Still excited by the words he had heard in church, he rolled up his trousers and began the long walk home. With each step he took, a little of the positive energy he had acquired vanished.

He recalled he was owning Chinedu for the drugs that he bought a few days earlier and was sure he would see him on his way home. Kemi was also standing at his door for payment for the garri he bought from her a week earlier. He had unpaid school fees and had not paid the ‘arrangee’ fee for one of his courses.

Half way home, Chris was back to where he started. His enemies caught up with him.

The shackles returned.

He saw a mango tree standing peacefully a short distance away and walked towards it. The problems in his life depressed him. He needed some time to think about a way out. He sat under the mango tree and as the cool breeze refreshed him, a question came to his mind.

“How did things become so bad?”

…. To be continued

You Have Been Reading: Scarlet Dream: Episode 1- Broken 

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