Udeme had stolen his heart and she was going to pay, she couldn’t imagine a life without Bode, she had to fight. Her tears spilt rapidly across her cheeks as his words echoed once again in her head, “she’s so precious to me.”


He carried her into the house, after their date at the famous lodge, she felt like the only girl in the world. He had hired a band and they played love songs all through the date.

If she had known him better, she would’ve sworn he was going to propose.

Scents and Secrets – Episode 12

He dropped her on a cushion and smiled warmly into her beautiful and seductive eyes whose depths glowed like stars in the night. He fought the urge to kiss her, he had to take this slowly. He planned on getting married to this woman someday, and he had to be a gentleman in all respect.

“Thank you so much dear, I had such a swell time,” she smiled back. He kissed her hair and inhaled deeply.

“Lest I forget, I have something for you,” he dipped his hand in his pockets and brought out a golden vial.

“Have it. It’s for you, my world.” She liked that name, my world. She carefully placed the vial in her hands and was surprised.

No man had ever gotten her something this beautiful as well as expensive. She hugged him. “Baby this is so beautiful, thank you.”

He felt happy she liked it. He would do anything for her smile. He had bought her two pairs of green diamond earrings, he knew what women loved and he wanted to please her at all costs.

“It’s nothing. I just want you to know that I love you so much with my life, Udeme.

You Are Reading: Scents and Secrets – Episode 12

Since the first time I set my eyes on you, I knew you were right for me, my world, my everything,” he laid her down on the carpet grass and placed his lips over hers, she responded and they were enveloped in this precious moment before they heard gunshots.

She felt Bode stiffen, she jerked and held him up but it was too late, he was bleeding. The commotion outside confused her. She heard shouts and gunshots. She pulled him behind the fountain.

He was bleeding as he groaned in pain. “Bode hang on, it’s like we are under attack, please baby, stay with me,” she sobbed. Why was everything turning out this way?

Luckily, they made it to the back of the fountain. Bode was still bleeding. She heard footsteps approach the garden as one man barked, “Where dem dey?”

She could see him giving the old Chef a slap as she hesitated to answer him.

“Dem bin come this side, plz no kill me, tender justice with mercy biko nna,” the woman begged but was given another blow on the head.

“Dinka, search all this area, make sure you find them. If you spot that yarinya , waste am.”

Udeme felt her heartbeat increase. From the conversation, she found out she was the target. Who could want her dead?

The footsteps were getting nearer to where they hid. Bode had gone quiet, she felt his temperature and said a quick prayer.

The situation wasn’t funny at all. Suddenly she heard three loud shots and fear almost ripped her apart.

You Are Reading: Scents and Secrets – Episode 12

Two men had spotted her. She got up and began running but they caught her and whispered, “Madam, na we be the guards, wey Oga dey?”

With the help of the guards, Bode was quickly rushed to the hospital. Udeme had asked the old cook to call his relatives as she hadn’t met any of them before, besides there was no time to go through his phone.

So many thoughts ran through her head as she recalled the statement of the assassins. Somebody wanted her dead and very fast. She paused and stared at the wall of the waiting room, counting the number of people she had offended lately.

 “Who could want me dead?” Suddenly she remembered her two friends. She had to call them and inform them of the current situation. For now, the focus was on Bode and how to bring him to full health. Later, together they would solve the mystery.

“Excuse me Madam,” a nurse called. She turned, using the medium to inquire about Bode.

“He’s very fine, we just need you to sign some documents. He lost a lot of blood and needs a transfusion.” She nodded. “When would I be allowed to see him again?”

The nurse rolled her eyes, “come back in the morning, he will be ready.” Checking her purse, she quickly took her phone and dialled Duncan’s number.

You Are Reading: Scents and Secrets – Episode 12

“Hello Dee, it’s me.” Duncan paused at the other end, wondering what could warrant such a distress call, fearing the worst.

He shook Nadine who was apparently having a good dream due to the smile spread across her angelic face.

“Udeme what is it? Are you okay? You sound worried.”

“We were attacked last night, Bode was injured,” he felt glued to the bed in shock as he shook Nadie harder, she awoke staring daggers at him, “Udeme was attacked,” he whispered.

“I’m so sorry, where are you right now?” This was what he feared. For some reason, he saw Bode as the kind of guy that attracted danger wherever he went. “I’m at the hospital right now.”

“Okay, stay calm. I’m coming over, where’s the hospital at?” He rose up and changed from his pyjamas.

“Little Doves Hospital, along Brooks street, thanks Dee, inform Nadie of the situation.”

“What’s going on?” Nadie asked nonchalantly. “Udeme was attacked during the date. Bode got shot and is at the hospital, his condition is critical.”

He was quite surprised at her reaction at the mention of Bode’s situation.

“Please it’s not true, how did it happen?” He tried to calm her down. For some reason, she was overreacting; after all it wasn’t even Udeme that got hurt thankfully.

“I’m coming with you Duncan,” she made for the wardrobe but he stopped her.

You Are Reading: Scents and Secrets – Episode 12

“You need to get some sleep so you could make it to the caterer tomorrow.” She just stared at him disgustedly.

If only he knew her heart was for Bode, he would find his level. How could that brat put her baby in such a condition? She was so furious.

Udeme had to be put in her right place; she had to deal with her once and for all. She wished those assassins had killed her.

That would have made things easier for her. She hissed and faced the wall. She didn’t care about any damned caterer.

All she knew was that as soon as dawn was close, she would land in the hospital to see her baby.

She only loves Bode. “See Nadie, you have been acting very funny lately, tonight’s behaviour is so out of it but I will ignore it, take care.”

He stormed out angrily. Something wasn’t right he could feel it but he wouldn’t accept it, their wedding was sooner than ever, he wouldn’t do that to her.

He could’ve just called it off but he loved her too much to walk away.

…To be continued

You Have Been Reading: Scents and Secrets  – Episode 12

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