After careful consideration of her pleas, the woman asked her to rise.

“So what is your name and what relationship do you have with my son?” The woman observed Nadine for a moment, she was very beautiful, like a biracial woman, she instantly liked the girl.

“I’m Nadine, I dated Bode briefly but he dumped me for my friend who is not a very sincere person.”

The woman was silent for a while. She believed this because Bode was her son and had one terrible weakness; women.

Scents and Secrets – Episode 14

“And I suppose this friend of yours got him into this mess which you’re currently cleaning.  Why do you then take pity on her, you should let me put her in that cell.” Nadine touched the woman’s hands gently provoking her motherly side.

“Mama, vengeance is for God. Udeme paid me back in a bad coin after introducing her to Bode.

She tricked him into loving her because of all the bad things she had told him about me.”

Bode’s mother listened intently, she had to believe this story. That Udeme girl was very rude and shady, she didn’t even have the courtesy to call them herself, instead, she had sent the cook to inform them of Bode’s condition.

“You said your friend is not straight forward, throw more light on that because I would deal with her.

I will make sure Bode breaks up with her immediately he wakes, just tell me,” she urged.

Nadie sighed; this was her golden opportunity to teach the Dam a lesson. “Mama I will tell you everything but you have to keep it to yourself for the meantime.”

The woman nodded. “Go on.” ‘Madam, I cannot lie to you, my conscience wouldn’t let me, my friend Udeme has not been straight with your son from the beginning. She’s only after his wealth and political connections.

She’s even engaged and would wed very soon, she has been engaged the whole time but she keeps deceiving Bode…” she waited as the older woman rose to her feet angrily.

“You mean she is married? How could Bode go out with an engaged woman?

Are you sure of what you saying?” She asked again, Nadine Nodded. “In fact, she just left with the man she is engaged to, but they would be back.”

She was silent for a while, she prayed her plan worked. She wanted to find her way into this woman’s heart.

If this worked out well, she would definitely leave Duncan and cling to Bode, she was ready to fight for this love.

The woman glared angrily at the sleeping Bode and wondered what sort of loose woman he had gotten himself entangled with.

She hissed disgustedly, how could a woman deceive two men at once? She pushed the thoughts out of her mind, she had already made her decision, Bode had to end such a dirty relationship.

Here was Nadine the one he had dumped, by his side, taking good care of him while the olosho he had dated was out with another man.

“Thank you Nadie, I’m glad you were open with me, Bode would be yours again, it’s a promise.”

You Are Reading: Scents and Secrets – Episode 14

Adenike had given up on calling the boys. She had just left their house and headed to the hospital where Bode was admitted. She blamed herself for everything, she should’ve been more discreet, she reasoned.

She should’ve charged the boys to attack Udeme when she was alone and not with her love. But she was a woman in love and she couldn’t imagine him in the arms of another woman, an ugly one for that matter. She hissed. She prayed with all her heart that Bode would be alright but that wasn’t her only fear; the case was a criminal case and she was quite sure it had been reported to the police.

Knowing the qualifications of Udeme as a Lawyer, she would investigate to the end those behind the attack. She shivered at the thought of being jailed for years, she had to find those guys, she had to cover up her tracks.

This was the first time the boys had messed up and it disappointed her greatly, she had to think of a way to end Barrister Udeme Edwards for good; that would be her only saving grace.

If she was able to do that in a more subtle manner like poisoning, something that wouldn’t raise any suspicions she was sure to cover her tracks neatly.

She quickly got information from the nurses explaining her relationship with Bode and they kindly directed her to one “room 54”.

You Are Reading: Scents and Secrets – Episode 14

She climbed the stairs hurriedly, she couldn’t wait to see him; the man that rocked her world. She smiled as she approached the room remembering all the vacations they had spent together in each other’s arms.

He was very generous; he took her along some of his business trips in America. Although their affair didn’t affect their working relationship, it affected her greatly. She had come to fall in love with him. Sighing, she touched her golden necklace which Bode gave her as a Birthday present, an expensive gift it was, such as none had ever given to her before and that was even before they started their affair.

He had shown interest in her the first time he laid eyes on her during her transfer from Artmaster branch at Abuja, he persisted for a month or two. She blinked trying to remember.

It was quite fun to be chased around, but she had been forewarned by her colleagues of the flirtatious lifestyle of their boss; she had ignored them actually, not believing one bit of it because he was just too loving and caring.

However, their predictions had come to pass after their first night, where he unleashed all his bottled lustful passions on her, it was never the same anymore.

She came to discover she wasn’t the only woman in the company Bode had an affair with. She shook her head angrily as she remembered how vulnerable and naïve she had been.

Wondering for a second if trying to kill another woman for a

the man who cared less for her was the right thing to do. She

shrugged as she opened the door, maybe she was right or

wrong but she was simply a woman in love who was

standing yet another time with another competitor.

You Are Reading: Scents and Secrets – Episode 14

 “Ah! Nike, you are here,” Mrs Thomas welcomed and beckoned her for a hug, it was long she had seen the woman. They exchanged pleasantries before she slowly looked up at the other skank who stood there looking like an angel when in reality, was a devil.

She chose to ignore her. She hadn’t come for that. She had come to see how Bode was faring.

“Mama, what happened to him? I just heard of this occurrence early this morning. I would have come earlier but I had to do some things.”

Nike sympathised with the woman, the woman smiled kindly tapping her on her shoulder. “My child, you should be happy he is alive.  He’s well and would be discharged tomorrow. It was her friend that almost killed my son.”

…To be continued

You Have Been Reading: Scents and Secrets  – Episode 14

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