The woman pointed to Nadie and left Nike wondering her friend? The woman noticed the confused look on her face and went further with her explanation.

“Udeme or whatever she calls herself almost got my son killed. Just look at this, she hasn’t been here for him, she dumped his body after those hoodlums hurt him and left with another man.”

Now that was some gist, Adenike thought. This was quite confusing; what another man? Clearly Mrs.

Thomas was quite confused. Nadie froze where she stood, this woman talked too much, she was scared of the worst now.

Everything could blow back on her face because Adenike knew the truth about her. She wondered how the lady had even located the hospital.

Scents and Secrets – Episode 15

She had to do something real fast. Now she had gotten herself a place in Mrs Thomas’ heart, she had to remain there for a long time.

She prayed and hoped her plan worked. She had

to excuse herself and breathe in some fresh air to let go of

the tension she was feeling now. She had to think! And act

fast. “Mama let me get some drugs at the pharmacy, I’ll be

back.” The woman smiled, admiring her hard work and love

for her son Olabode “Alright don’t be long, we still have a

lot to discuss.”

Adenike watched the half cast lady with utmost disgust, obviously, she hadn’t taken her warning, she had come back for Bode once again abandoning her fiancé who loved her more than anything in the world.

She had to think of something, she would teach that girl a lesson. She had to be put in her rightful place where she belonged.

It was with Duncan and not Bode. Noticing the distant look in Nike’s eyes, the woman tapped her again, wondering what went on in her mind, keeping that aside she continued her story.

“So you see, Udeme is a real LovePeddler, she wants to put my son in trouble, she is as good as married and yet she still sleeps with another man, if not for her friend, Nadie who told me everything, my son would wake up and continue dancing to her deceitful tune.”

You Are Reading: Scents and Secrets – Episode 15

Adenike felt shocked as the woman recounted all that Nadie had told

her to Nike, Adenike couldn’t hold it any longer, she stood

up and paced around the room. Something wasn’t right at

all. Noticing the troubled expression on Adenike’s face, the

woman inquired concernedly. “What’s going on Nike? Don’t

you believe me?” The younger woman paused for a while

thinking of a reasonable answer. She was too shocked to

think. Nadine was a devil in a blue dress; she had just

succeeded in painting the Barrister black in front of Bode’s


“My!” She mused, Nadine was a bloody liar and a betrayer, coward of cowards! Her thoughts paced. She had fed Mrs Thomas with lies concerning Udeme, and knowing Bode’s mother well, she would act on that.

Suddenly she felt sorry for the poor girl whom she had tried killing, she wondered how she would’ve felt knowing that the real person that deserved that bullet, Nadine, was walking about freely.

She shook her head gently and sighed, Nadine was more dangerous than she thought, she could kill, she was engaged to be married within a month and she was here frolicking with another man, who was in love with her friend, her friend she had accused wrongly.

The opening of the door brought her back to reality when she looked up, she decided to take her leave for further plans, for now, she had given up on Bode, she had a new fight knowing who her real enemy was.

Nadine was a betrayer who loved to play dirty and dirty would the game be, she smiled mischievously and her thoughts echoed, “Let the game begin!” Udeme stopped laughing as Duncan had been tickling her on their way to see Bode, noticing her depressed mood, he decided to do something funny to help his friend, but he quickly took his hands off her as they stood facing two stern looking women.

Udeme had recognised Adenike immediately and understood her visit was quite official, the other woman looked familiar and very unfriendly.

Duncan who was quite uncomfortable with the situation excused himself, explaining the reason for his exit to no one particular, he wasn’t totally lying, he had to see the caterer on Nadine’s behalf.

You Are Reading: Scents and Secrets – Episode 15

Nike briefly paused at the door as she looked, Barrister

Edwards over, ‘poor girl’ she thought, ‘your friend has ruined

any chance you had with him’. She wondered if exposing

Nadie’s plan to Udeme was the wise thing to do, she had to

think that over, but she pushed the idea away. Considering

her harsh attitude towards Udeme, the girl won’t even listen

to her twice but she had to be warned before it became too

late. She would come up with a plan, one that wouldn’t

involve or hurt Udeme in any way, she had suffered enough.

Adenike braced herself for her new task as Udeme’s  saviour,

she greeted the girl and walked out the door leaving her


She stared at the retreating figure of Adenike Olagbemiro, the harsh head of department, who had stood staring at her for complete five minutes, she wondered if she was mistaken but she had seen something like pity in the woman’s eyes towards her.

She shrugged, who wouldn’t pity her, she had found herself in a hopeless situation, on her very first date with the love of her life, assassins had attacked them, and if not for divine intervention, one of them would’ve lost their lives.

Thankfully, Bode was alright, she had something more dreadful to face, the woman who stared daggers at her, she now saw the resemblance, it was no other person than Mrs Thomas who she’d seen many times in pictures.

You Are Reading: Scents and Secrets – Episode 15

Mrs Thomas stared at the girl who almost got her precious son killed. She had the guts to bring in her husband to be, into the same room Bode lay. She was so disgusted at the sight, being tickled by her lover while her son was on his sickbed.

For a moment, she wondered if she was doing the right thing not putting the girl behind bars because she had the power to do that. She felt so angry at the cheap LovePeddler her son had bedded, but she planned to keep her cool, she had made Nadie that promise.

She would keep her cool, she wouldn’t expose her here, but as she stared once more at her son, who escaped death by slight chance, she was sure Udeme’s relationship with Bode was over.

‘Good day Madam’ Udeme greeted politely but the woman completely ignored her, she swallowed and wondered what she had done wrong, she carefully placed the clothes she had brought Bode and some beverages he would take when he woke up.

‘Who are all those for’? the woman asked coldly, Udeme smiled trying to please the woman ‘for Bode Ma, I went to get him all these in preparation for when he is discharged’.

…To be continued

You Have Been Reading: Scents and Secrets  – Episode 15

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