Before you grab a bite on that very inviting apple, you should see this. An herbal expert has earlier today warned against eating apple at night as it is believed that the fruit is harmful to the health if taken at the wrong time.

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According to Opeoluwa Olufeko, who is also the Managing Director of Pino Degrees Nigeria Ltd, the fruit could cause heartburn if taken at night, which is why it is wrong to eat apples just at any time of the day.

“Most people do not know that the best time to eat apples is early in the mornings and in the afternoons because at night, it can cause heartburn.

“Eating of apples is really not good at nights because you wake up in the morning feeling very lazy; and probably feeling like you did not really have any sleep throughout the night.

“What I am saying in essence is that nature has a way of dealing with our body and we should know what to eat and at what time,” she said.

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The UK based herbal expert who is currently advocating for a stronger regulation of traditional medicine practice in Nigeria, said that all there is to gain from natural herbs and fruits is largely dependent on when and how we take and eat them.

She added that Nigerians is indeed blessed with herbs and fruits but we do not appreciate them.

“There is what is called nymph powder. It is got from the `dogoyaro’ tree and it can be used to treat any kinds of ailments.

“Get the `dogoyaro’ leaf, dry it and grind it into a powdery substance and add coconut oil to it, then apply it on your body or any skin irritation for some days and you will see the results.

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“We do not have a stable body that covers us, because of this, there is a lot of constraint on us, and people do not really regard herbs because they feel it is herbal medicine.

“Notwithstanding, we are pushing ahead and Nigeria is getting there hoping that the present administration will look into this aspect,” she said.




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