While responding to a question on her reaction to the shocking revelations on the volume of sleaze under the immediate past administration of President Goodluck Jonathan, former EFCC boss,  Mrs. Farida Waziri, said:  “I’m only glad that those things didn’t happen under my watch as EFCC chairman because it would have been too traumatic for me.

If I see President Jonathan today, I will kneel down to thank him — Farida Waziri

“That is why If I see ex President Jonathan today, I will kneel down to thank him for the honour done me by removing me as EFCC chairman at the time he did.

“My first strong premonition of what was ahead was when I began the probe of the monumental oil subsidy fraud going on then. I came to Lagos on a vital intelligence on the subsidy scam and as soon as I arrested a key culprit, I got a call from the presidential villa asking me to release the suspect, because according to their words ‘he is our person’, but I refused to let him off and days after I was removed from office.”

Hmmm … “He is our person” . . . But is President Buhari not being accused of that inclination too?

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On her assessment of the current leadership of the EFCC, she said:  “There is no doubt Magu is doing his best within the available space but as I always say, the battle is beyond an individual or an organization.

‘’Every patriotic Nigerian concerned about the future of this great country must support the war, buy into it and take ownership of it because it’s about our collective survival.

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‘’One thing going for the present leadership of the commission is the personal support of President Muhammadu Buhari, which is unquantifiable and I appreciate Mr President for this.”


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