Niceee one!

Meet the Spike Aerospace S-512 the airplane that claims to be the ‘first supersonic business jet’ It promises to cut flight times in half so that busy billionaires will be able to travel from New York to London in just three hours.

The supersonic aircraft was designed by a team of engineers in Boston, U.S. and has a top speed of 1,100mph.

With this machine, you can reach destinations around the world in less than half the time currently required. Passengers will be able to fly from NYC to London in just 3 hours or LA to Tokyo just 5 hours and London to Mumbai, four hours.

However, such convenience and speed comes at a price, as the jet will cost between $60million and $80million (£36.3million and £48.4million) but this aircraft will save passengers time so they can explore more of the world. The supersonic jet will let you do more, faster.

Anyone interested?



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