Nigeria reggae-dancehall singer, Umoren Akanimoh Felix Known as “Sugarboy“, is definitely not any random guy that follows the crowd.

The ‘Holla Holla’ singer is reported to have said that he is not in any way attracted to beautiful girls.

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However, Sugarboy said  he prefers regular girls who are not so pretty to the very attractive ones because they don’t get disturbed too much by other guys.

1452512066773Revealing the kind of lady he would like to have as a lover, the singer who claims that he doesn’t have a girlfriend at the moment said that as a light skinny guy, he would prefer any girl whether dark skinned or lightskinned but does not have to be too beautiful as he likes them reserved and low.

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“I like girls that don’t talk too much and are calm. I like simplicity, I don’t like loud. Then her heart, her mindset, you know, I like someone that is reserved. You know, the good girl that complements the bad guy..,” he said in part.

Oya na oga, let us not see you with any fine girl oooo, lol!


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