Cheating is something a lot of people get to deal with in their relationships on a daily basis. Whether it’s the lady cheating or the man, someone cheats on the other and then gives various reasons to justify their actions.

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It is a well-known fact that over 20% of people in monogamous relationships will cheat on their partner at some point in their relationship. Infidelity is a norm that has come to stay. Playing the blame game for why it had to take place in the first place won’t help solve the issue either.

Men often give lame reasons such as:

  • I was no longer attracted to her after she gained so much weight.
  • She doesn’t have my time anymore
  • It’s in our nature to cheat. If a guy is not cheating, drinking or smoking, then he probably is a sissy.
  • She stopped having sex with me often after the kids. How is that my fault?
  • I mustn’t be with only one woman in my life time. What am I supposed to do?

In fact, the list is endless! Many men live in self-denial and they stubbornly cling to their denial because they want to continue cheating. This goes on until they eventually get found out and often times it doesn’t stop the cheating.

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The real reason why your partner is cheating on you doesn’t have much to do with these self-denials. The following reasons could be why:

  1. Insecurity.

Men love attention. They feel insecure especially when they feel their other half does not show them enough love as they are expected to. Just like the women, they need someone to understand them and make them feel special. When they feel they are not getting this from their partner, they seek attention elsewhere where they feel they are wanted, desired and loved.

2. They never planned on keeping their vow to be faithful. Their real intention from the onset was to lie, keep secrets and not even feel any remorse about their actions. They felt being married to one lady doesn’t mean she has to be the only woman they’ll be with for the rest of their life.

3. Sex

Most times you hear them say it’s not all about sex, but for most men it really is 70% percent about sex. Men feel appreciated and wanted when they have sex with their partner. Sex is one way that men feel connected to their partner. When they don’t get the sex from you they turn their attention elsewhere.

4. They are unhappy.

Often times people manage relationships and when they are no longer happy in that relationship. Rather than speaking out, they cheat on their other half. It could also be that they want to build on another relationship before they can end it with you because they are afraid of being alone.

5. They’re addicted.

Often times men get addicted to drugs and alcohol which clouds their judgement thereby leading them to impulsive sexual decisions. There become sexually addicted and end up looking for where to satisfy their sex craves.

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6. Unresolved childhood trauma.

Emotional, physical and sexual abuse could be the reason why they are cheating. They may have been sexually abused in their childhood which they will not want to reveal to you. Or probably, they witnessed their parents cheating on each other while growing up, and as a result they now find it unwise to fully trust or rely upon one person. They might also be using cheating as a distraction from the pain of these unhealed emotional wounds.

7. They are bored

Some men find the routine of spending their lifetime with just one person boring. Rather than find a way to make their relationship interesting, they look for unhealthy adventures outside of their relationship.

There are many other reasons why men cheat which aren’t listed here. The reasons are endless! But this issue of cheating can be taken care of. You can discuss with your partner and have him go for couples counselling with you, individual therapy, etc.


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