The Minister of transportation, Rotimi Amaechi, has asked the Igbo to support President Muhammadu Buhari’s second term bid.

But he says they should first “go for confession, seek forgiveness” and join the All Progressives Congress (APC) where they will have a chance of producing Buhari’s successor.

Amaechi said this on Wednesday while delivering a lecture on ‘The Igbo in the politics of Nigeria’ at the Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Anambra.

During the 2015 presidential election, most of the Igbo rooted for ex-President Goodluck Jonathan, who was eventually defeated by Buhari.

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Although the president is yet to declare his intention to seek a second term in office, Amaechi has been appointed the coordinator of his re-election campaign.

At the convocation ceremony, he said even though “we are not here for campaign…we must tell ourselves the truth about what Buhari has done”.

He said the president has done more projects for the Igbo more than any other administration has done in two years.

“You (Igbo) did not vote for Buhari, true or false? You voted for PDP and what did they do for you? PDP abandoned the Enugu-Onitsha expressway since 1999, but Buhari is working on it, true or false?” he asked.

“Buhari is working on the second Niger Bridge, he is working on the Otuocha-Ibaji-Abuja road, he is working on the Abakaliki-Onueke road, he is working on the Oji-Achi-Naku road in Enugu state, he is also working on Ozalla-Akpugo-Amagunze road. He is working on the Aba-Ikot Ekpene road.

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“Under Buhari, all major cities of the south-east are captured in the existing railway project. Name one government that has done up to this within two years. Our problem is that we are just being emotional.”

The minister said the Igbo has no hope in the PDP and the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) — which he described as regional parties.

According to him, “Igbo should go for confession, seek forgiveness and move into a national party, and look for way to fight from inside.

“They should vote for Buhari for a second term, and then force him out and look for Igbo president. Let the quarrel with the north, real or imagined, stop now”.



  1. Amaechi should b ashamed of campaign to a government that have failed in its basic principle of provision of security to citizens. Too Nigeria needs Igbo to survive not Igbo needing Nigerian. No sensible Igbo man or woman will vote for this government that have failed in every aspect of governance.

  2. Those who answer Igbo names but turn against Igbo interests because of a pot of evil pepersoup are osu (outcasts) who can no longer walk freely without police escorts in Igboland. Amaechi, Joe Igbokwe and their cohorts are mere surrogates whose lies have turned into ashes in their mouth. Shame on all of them.

  3. Let thunder strike that your stinking mouth which you used to talk about Igbo’s confessing and begging for forgiveness from your blood sucking master. Do I blame you , you cultist Igbo land will not and shall not be a fertile ground for you and your blood sucking Fulani herdsmen and masters.

  4. Anybody that hate Igbos tell me who will be your friend ? Igbos go to dessert and turn it into farmland where vegetables and trees grown and I believed anywhere you put Igbo man he will survived. Maybe Rotimi Amaechi got drunk .

  5. Is this for real? I have tried to shut my eyes and open them, only to find out that Rotimi Amechi has actually said this.
    It is a real pity that a man of his calibre will make such a statement.

  6. You that vote PMB how far, are you better of, have you satisfied Nigerians, if your government is doing well and multitudes not complaining, then I can say you’re right, but everything is turning upside down and you’re still dreaming in a sinking ship, Igbo are prophets that knows better what will happen today since 2015 so rejected him then, and still rejecting his 2nd term, but you that is all wise save your people first, also for your information you’re Igbo also, if you vote pmb then that means some Igbo voted him just like every other tribe, you should be ashamed of your self anytime you want to deny you identity, you’re not even qualified to talk Igbo matter until you prodigal son comes back to your senses

  7. What have you achieved from buhari to Rivers State upon all the money you stole from the state’s treasury to support buhari’s election in 2019. You are fooling yourself.

  8. Useless Rotimi Amachi,u should first of all seek forgiveness to entire Rivers state Government/ ikwere people for using their money to sponsor Buhari in 2015 ,this guys no dey fear God oo see Who is talking..U ll still run back to Ghana after 2019 cus Buhari ll be disgraced come 2019 presidential election cus our mumu don do! I trust Igbos ,God is with us.

  9. Amashi should be very careful so that he will not run mad at the end of A P C government because the level of wickedness that is going on judgement of will fall on the evil doers

  10. The person who invited him to such august gathering has the greater guilt. Of all the Governments we ever had in Nigeria, there is non in which lives were lost like this one. 2019 is at the corner. Nigerians think!

  11. I know ur children will dis-father u,after dis rubbish u said.I pity u family cos dey don’t have a father,no mad man will step so low like Amachi,for dis we are making u d president of mad men,n d world maddest man of d Guinness book of records.


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