A sexual problem or sexual dysfunction refers to a problem during any phase of the sexual response cycle that prevents the man or couple from experiencing satisfaction from the activity.

It is impossible to calculate the frequency of sexual problems which may mar or destroy a relationship as until quite recently, people were ashamed to seek help.

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In men, four sexual problems occur:

Inhibited sexual desire or sexual drive

Premature ejaculation

Retarded ejaculation

Erectile failure

A man who has inhibited sexual desire is unable to become sexually aroused despite sexual teasing by his partner or by sexual fantasizing and consequently, cannot perform sexually as he cannot obtain an erection.

A man who has premature ejaculation becomes sexually aroused and obtains an erection but ejaculates either before or very soon after he inserts his penis into his partner’s vagina. The speed with which this occurs may prevent the woman from obtaining sexual pleasure.

A man who has retarded ejaculation is able to engage in sexual intercourse but fails to reach orgasm and ejaculate in spite of prolonged penile thrusting in the woman’s vagina or prolonged masturbation.

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 A man who has erectile failure usually is sexually aroused (although he may suppress this because of his fear of failure) but is unable to achieve an erection of his penis, so that he cannot engage in sexual intercourse. This may make his partner frustrated and may damage his image of himself as a virile man who, in our society, is expected to be able to satisfy women sexually.

While diseases, drugs, and alcoholism may cause these sexual problems in a few men, about half of the men who have premature ejaculation or erectile failure have psycho-sexual problems, which can usually be resolved with the help of their partner and perhaps a counselor.

Other causes of this problems include depression, stress, feelings of guilt, marital problems, and work-related stress.


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