I came across this story the other day and I was so inspired by it and thought to share with you this heartwarming testimony of a father.

Read below: “My daughter was born on the 3rd of March 2002, 5 months and 2 weeks of pregnancy.

“She was premature. I had just finished my overnight job as a bouncer in a club in Germany. She weighed 790grams, not even 1kg.

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“On seeing her tiny structure inside the incubator, I cried like I never cried before. I asked God, why, why me? After crying out my heart, I realized only a miracle could save her.

“She is the reason till today, why my faith in God is so strong. I laid my hands on her and prayed. I did not know what to pray about, but I prayed my pains to God and begged God not to allow my sins/punishment for my numerous transgressions be passed onto my little girl.

“I made a vow to God. 3 days later I went and paid the vow to my Church to be passed unto the poor and needy. My Pastor prayed with me.

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“I prayed that my daughter would leave that Hospital without complications hence the vow/deal with God. My daughter is 14+ years old now, straight A student, speaks 3 international languages already and she left that Hospital without complications.

She was born prematurely! I cried, asked God why and begged Him not to punish my daughter for my sins

“What else can I say? My pain as I saw it then was actually God’s way of drawing me closer to come to know him and have faith in him to prepare me for the movement that was to come.

“Jesus saves! Jesus still heals! Render your hearts to Him today and commit whatever that may sound so difficult to you unto Him today.

“He’s there to always answer us when we call on Him. Glory be to God! Halleluyah!!!”



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