Workouts at Switch Playground live up to their name—they’re fun and very, very different. After all, that’s the point of Switch, developed by fitness guru Steve Uria, who hails from Cape Town, South Africa, where Switch is already a staple on everyone’s must-do workout list. The first U.S.-based studio is now open in New York City, and we’ve got a sample workout for you to try at home.

An everyday workout at Switch coalesces a dynamic mix of activities that will literally get it done when your body needs a total-body ass-kicking. “The idea is that the ultimate way for adults to feel like kids at a playground is to have a lot of options to stimulate yourself (a.k.a. your muscles),” says Uria. “All the routines are centred around functional training, how the muscles and joints work together in real-life movement, maximising the benefit in minimal time when applied to circuit training.”

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All class routines start with a dynamic yoga warm-up, followed by quickie circuit—you’ll need an ankle resistance band (like this one), dumbbells, and a floor mat.

Complete each move in each circuit two times through before doing the cardio boost.


Shock your body in all the right places with these quick workouts
Photo credit: Yoga Magazine

How to: From tabletop position, separate your knees wider than hips-width distance apart, then sit back to your heels so your heart can melt to the floor, forehead on the mat (a). Rest your forehead on a block or place a blanket between your knees if necessary (b). Stay here for 10 breaths or more, focusing on breathing deeply in through your nose, feeling the breath as it flows. Hold for 30 seconds.


Shock your body in all the right places with these quick workouts

How to: Start on your hands and knees, then tuck your toes and press into your hands and inhale, lifting your hips up and back on your exhale (a). Keep your feet hip-distance apart and hands shoulder-width distance apart (b). Hold for 30 seconds.


How to: Begin in full pushup position, palms under shoulders (a). Lift left leg and place left knee on the floor near left shoulder, gently guiding left foot toward right wrist (b). Lower down to forearms and bring right leg down with top of foot resting on floor (c). Bring chest down to floor and arms in front of you, hands out in front, fingers wide (d). Hold for 30 seconds.



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