Controversial Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh and popular blogger, Stella Dimokokorkus have engaged in a war of words on Instagram, as the latter alleged that the former owes her two hundred thousand Naira.

It is not clear where the rift originated from but the two women have called each other out for various offences. Stella had taken to her Instagram page on Monday, November 25, 2019, where she called out Tonto Dikeh for owing her N200K.

Tonto had in a post last week threatened to call out a blogger begging her for money.

On the same day in an Instagram post, Dimokokorkus said “The face you make when you are waiting for them to call you out and you can’t wait anymore. First and foremost I don’t beg for money but I can beg you to help someone.”

But in series of Instagram posts on Monday, November 25, Dimokokorkus and Tonto called each other out on different allegations.

In one of the posts, Dimokokorkus wrote:
“Tonto Post receipts already, please. That’s your day job. Recording all your conversations with your friends and saving chats to call them out with later. That’s why nobody replies your call out.

If you have more so do I but one thing you won’t accuse me of is going around to fvck pastors and collecting offering money to do slay queen on Instagram. I don’t fucking care what you post. Please go ahead.

Churchill, I am sorry I ever doubted all you said and even almost agreed to collect money to collect info from all your ex’s who were being set up to call you out.

“Call me out. I don’t fvck men of God or break up my friends’ relationships by stealing their deeks.

Maybe you’re still suffering from the juju you said you got delivered from that Mercy Gave you to steal your destiny. and I have arranged plenty press stunts from way back and please don’t forget you still owe me 200k for a PR stunt I did years back and you stopped talking to me because of that or was it because you fvcked Elohor’s husband? Is this all you got? like really? I am done with you until you can do better.

Note that none of your friends are liking your posts? Please take your medication …note that because you are desperately sick and seeking who to drag down with u.

“Tonto Charity Dikeh. Please, whilst you go on with your lies note that I don’t go to Dubai to eat sheet with my best friend and I don’t post empty shopping bags carried from Nigeria. ….And I would never say, someone, I just had an Orgy with gifted me anything…No I would never do that.

I am a facially challenged human being that acts like a pig. Do you remember what the 200k u are owing me was for? Me bitch? oh yes, I agree, you crocophilia being…I am coming back with the genesis of this alleged enmity you think I have with u,” she wrote.

Dimokokorkus also claimed that Tonto owes her two hundred thousand Naira, saying “Hmmm you are owing me 200k for [the] bad press I refused to do on Toyin.

“I turned it good. I leave the money for u ooh. How can I drag money with u when u have not paid Toyin’s 15K dollars?

“After Gbenshing Toyin’s ex when they were still married. Did you drink blood in Ibadan or not at a Babalawo’s place?

“See Tonto you are a nice person but very evil and malicious when you are fighting someone. I don’t have receipts. If you have please post.”

In one of her responses, the Nollywood actress accused the blogger of sleeping with pastors, saying “We Dey wait you ooooooo…

“You talking too much shit? AT LEAST GIVE YOUR FOLLOWS RECEIPT…At least I’m not sleeping with the pastors you are under their pay role with SECRET LOVE CHILDREN IN THE INDUSTRY…

“If you don’t provide how I owe you when and where YOU NO WELL!!!!”

Stella didn’t end it there as she went on to reveal that Tonto Dikeh stole a certain Ini’s (Not sure if it is the popular actress) boyfriend.

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“Tonto Dikeh you say I am full of jealousy? Then why did u go behind Ini to snatch and sleep with her boyfriend after you saw how good it was and thought he would give you the money he gave her? You broke that relationship. Isn’t that jealousy? As for bobrisky calling me out on your behalf. How and why should I respond to a man who has cardiac arrest of the blokos and now pretending to be a woman? I don’t know how to respond so I will ignore you Bob the one who is rejected in the gay community for being dirty and stinky down there,” she wrote.

The two went back and forth calling each other names and exposing secrets bout themselves leaving many dumbfounded at the revelations.

The origin of this rift is not yet known as this story continues to develop. However, Tonto Dikeh has been in the news with her stay in Dubai in question. She had come out to deny the rumours that she was arrested in the Arab country.


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