Short distance relationship and long distance relationship, which is better? Time and space make distance, and distance could affect our social lives positively or negatively. However, most people argue that

I’ve knows no age, no distance, no race or colour, how true is that? When it comes to relationship matters, we must learn this first thing, that love is not strong enough to hold it together. Two people may be in love, but if there are not determined to be together they will lose touch, this is one of the disadvantages of long distance relationship.

In long distance relationship, the lovers hardly get to see each other, but they chat, do video calls and exchange photos, which is still not the same as actually being there with the person.

Long distance relationship is plagued with lies, suspicion and complexity, I would not advise just anyone to go for it except you have a high level of trust for that person. If you have trust issues, you’ll be like “What is he or she doing now? Is he with someone else”? Sometimes, you could be on the phone with this person and you hear a female voice in the background (for the ladies), that night you may find it hard to sleep.

Some men use distance as an excuse to sleep around and cheat on their spouse, even women too.

However, Short distance relationships are easier to handle. The weight of suspicion is a bit lighter, at least, you can monitor them closely. You guys get to see each other often, you get to hang out and spend some quality time together. Trust me, there is nothing like these moments shared.

So answer the question, short distance or long distance relationship?

Finally, whether short or long distance, a relationship can only work with love, trust and determination. Cheers!



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