You’ve probably heard a lot about the power of using positive affirmations as a daily mantra. Besides being a cliché term, an affirmation is a mental statement based on our opinions and beliefs — about ourselves, others, and life in general — that crafts our perception of reality.

Affirmations dwell in the vastness of our subconscious and originate by default during the first ten years of our life.

Most of them are great — they support the positive aspects of our personality, such as ambition, kindness, and assertiveness. They make us good people and serve us well, so we want to keep them.

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However, there are a handful of these statements that are negative and detrimental: “I’m stupid”, “Life is hard”, “I can’t have what I want”, “I don’t deserve to be happy”, or “I’m not in control.”

These negative mental opinions can pollute our life experience and secretly steal our joy and happiness.

At some point, as you grow up and mature past these negative opinions, you need to change them. The great aspect of adulthood is that you can now re-write your mental software — consciously and on purpose — replacing old, negative subliminal messages with brand new positive affirmations and beliefs.

And when it comes to mental affirmations, it can take years of trial and error.

Take these 5 steps to make positive affirmations work for you.

1. Write down your affirmations

Grab a pen and paper and write down some short “I am” affirmations about who you want to be in life. Write these in the present tense, in order to trick your mind into believing that you already are that way.

For example:

  • “I am happy.”
  • “I am skinny.”
  • “I am fulfilled.”
  • “I am in a loving relationship.”

At first, this may be challenging, since we are not used to thinking in terms of what we want, but with a little focus, your mind will assist you in generating statements of your desires.

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2. Hear the voice of your childhood self

The voice of your childhood mental programming speak ups and lets you know of all the “Yeah, but’s” about why you can’t have what you want.

Write it all down — this is really useful information, coming from deep within your mind. When you know the emotional root causes of your discontent, you can deal with them and learn to tailor your affirmations for anxiety, success, or whatever else you feel is holding you back.

3. Look over the list of your negative mental statements

Realize that these were all created a long time ago in the mind of an emotionally driven child. But they are no longer relevant to the rational adult. You can feel it.

And now, once and for all, cross out this irrelevant torrent of falsehoods. Literally, cross it off of your list and keep scratching these useless words off the page until you feel a sense of relief.

And now, an interesting thing begins to happen: You immediately feel lighter and the world appears brighter as if you’ve removed the murky, scratched lenses of perception off of your eyes, allowing you to see life in full colour.

4. Revisit your list of positive affirmations

These short, self-love affirmations are waiting to be enhanced with powerful possibilities. Start adding a few reassuring words that make sense to you, linking them to your affirmations with “and …”

Try these positive affirmations for women or men:

  • “I am happy and I know that my happiness is unconditional. It is my innate and natural state of being.”
  • “I am skinny and I’m excited to explore foods and physical activity that keep me healthy, fit and satisfied.”
  • “I am fulfilled and I love what I do, and I enjoy the money I get in return.”
  • “I am in a loving relationship and my partner is coming to me for joyful and fun adventure.”
  • “I belong to this world and I embrace my uniqueness.”
  • “I am a good person and I always do the best I can, When I know better, I do better, just like everyone else.”

5. Practice your newly chosen affirmations

To develop the lasting habit of being happy and feeling good, practice your affirmations first thing in the morning. Every morning, your mind is a clean slate, ready to be instructed on what to believe.

Read your updated morning affirmations out loud, feel your positive mantras, imagine them done, and fantasize about how awesome it will be when it is so!

Do this for a minute or two each day for a couple of weeks until these daily quotes solidify within your mind, forming a powerful neurological network of your new beliefs.

So write your powerful affirmations often, using your mind as the ultimate tool to divert any storms coming your way.



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